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Massachusetts Marriage License Info

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If you and your partner are planning to get married in the state of Massachusetts, there are some things you should get taken care of before the ceremony. When getting your marriage license, you are usually able to go to any clerk’s office in Massachusetts located in the county you will be getting married in.

To get your marriage license, you will have to pay a one time fee between $4 and $15; the only form of payment accepted is cash. You and your partner are not required to be current or previous residents of the state to get a marriage license that is statewide. There is a 3 day mandatory waiting period for the marriage license. In majority of the states, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included as one of the days. Most of the time, the day you apply for the marriage license is not counted towards the waiting period.

Once you receive your marriage license, you are able to get married right away; no waiting period for this. To be wed in the state of Massachusetts, you and your partner must be at or above the legal age of 18; this is so that neither one of you will need consent from the parents or legal guardians to get married. If you or your partner is under the legal age of 18, you will need to have the legal guardians present; if one is unable to attend due to death, separation, divorce or other circumstances, there has to be proper evidence that indicates that this is a fact. Also needed for verification are your birth certificates. If you or your partner is under 16, you will need a court order to get a marriage license.

There are no needs for a blood test or physical exam. In 2004, Massachusetts state lawmakers repealed the law that required marriage license applicants to take blood tests; this went effective on January 28, 2005. After receiving the marriage license, it will expire within 60 days of the issue date. If you or your partner were previous married, there is no need to bring a certificate of death or a divorce decree.

Once you are married, the wife’s last name will need to be changed; if that was decided. The marriage certificate you receive after the wedding will be proof of legal marriage in the state of Massachusetts. It will need to be presented as evidence to various government agencies to notify them of the name change. Other non government institutions will also need to be notified of the name change, such as banks, credit card companies, employers, memberships and others. The legal name change kit is also available to help you along. It should be completed before or after the wedding ceremony; it would be best to complete it prior to the marriage ceremony for better convenience.

Proxy marriages are not aloud in the state of Massachusetts; nor are common-law marriages allowed. Same sex marriages and cousin marriages are allowed in Massachusetts.
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