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Tips to Creating a Great Wedding Registry

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Massachusetts Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

“Where are you registered?” is the question that brides and grooms hear immediately after announcing their wedding plans. Wedding guests always want to know where the bride and groom are registered for gifts so they can get them a wedding gift. Brides and grooms register for wedding gifts to help them start a life together. Traditionally they register for kitchen, bath, linen and other practical (and fun) household items that anyone with a home will need.

It is important that brides and grooms do register for gifts. Some may feel a bit shy about coming out and asking for gifts. They may feel that by doing so – they are being rude by telling their guest exactly what to give them. But brides and grooms that register for gifts are actually helping their wedding guests very much in selecting exactly what to get them. Some wedding guests simply would not know what to get them if they were not registered. And everyone attending the wedding certainly wants to get them a gift. By not registering they then wind up getting gifts from various places and possibly returning gifts – which can be frustrating and time consuming. Registering for gifts assures that you will get what you want and that what you receive will be something practical that will help you set up your new home together.

When brides and grooms register it is important that they make sure to register for enough gifts. Many weddings have two to three hundred guests. So brides and grooms need to register for at least this number of gifts. Wedding guests need to be given some alternatives on what they can give the happy couple. If a bride and groom only registers for fifty items – then these items will be bought very quickly. So the bride and groom need to think ahead and be practical.

It is also critical that the bride and groom register for wedding gifts at several different stores. Some wedding guests may be from out of town and will not be able to shop at local stores. Selecting some larger “big box” stores that have online or catalog shopping available will be very helpful to these wedding guests. Brides and grooms should register at least three to four different locations to offer their guests some variety. This will be helpful for those who are looking to give them a wedding gift.

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