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The Importance of Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

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Massachusetts Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Are you planning your wedding? Unless you are one of the super-rich, you have some type of budget that you must keep for your wedding. It is critical that you respect your wedding budget. Many couples are sadly paying for their weddings years after they have held their weddings. It is very unfair to start your married life going tens of thousands of dollars into debt for just one night. You deserve to enjoy your wedding and then go on to enjoy the rest of your married life. Remember as a new married couple you will have other financial goals that will appeal to you like getting your own home or starting a family. So sticking to your wedding budget is important.

When creating a budget it is very helpful to know exactly how much things cost. Some people set a budget that turns out to be unrealistic. Or brides and grooms have some idea of how much some costs will be, and no idea how much other costs will be. Try to do some research about every aspect of the wedding to understand what your costs will be. This will help you create your ideal budget.

Remember that every wise budget has a little wiggle room. Now everyone’s idea of wiggle room is different. Some people may be comfortable going higher or lower by five percent, or ten percent or even twenty percent. Only the bride and groom and their families can make this decision about the budget. You will have to come up with the ideal budget that is best for you. Look for ways that you can save money wherever you can, so if something costs a little more – then you have the money. Remember that you deserve to enjoy and celebrate your wedding. Your wedding should not be an exercise in penny-pinching.

Your wedding may be the very first experience you have with your fiancé with financial planning. You may learn that you are going to marry someone who really saves money or someone who really spends it. This can be quite a shock because we always like people to be exactly like us. Money is a very private subject. Work to compromise with your partner. Find a budget that the two of you can work with. After your wedding is over, when you are not facing a mountain of bills – you’ll be glad that you found a budget you could stick to!

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