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Should You Elope or Have a Wedding?

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If you have gotten engaged you may be wondering if you should elope or if you should have a wedding. For some couples having a wedding is the ideal choice. For other couples choosing elopement is the best choice for them. Every couple is different and you will need to make the best decision for you as a couple. Many couples will also have to think of family considerations. But it is important to put your choice as a couple as the primary reason you would elope or have a wedding.

There are many reasons to think of eloping. One of the benefits is that you save the tremendous expense of having a wedding. Weddings, even small ones, cost in the thousands of dollars range. Most people wind up paying much more than they ever expect to for their wedding. Sometimes people decide to elope because they want to make their wedding about the two of them as a couple and putting them first. They decide that this is truly the most important thing to them. Other couples decide that eloping is very romantic. Eloping truly does sound very romantic, doesn’t it? Many couples traditionally who have eloped have done so because their families do not approve of the marriage. But today’s couples that elope are often simply couples who do not want to have a wedding for whatever reason. There are also some couples that decide to elope with some chosen family or friends with them – sort of like a very small destination wedding. They plan this very spur of the moment wedding and bring several people along with them to celebrate. The difference between this and a destination wedding is that the elopement is very spur of the moment and a destination wedding is typically planned months in advance.

Most couples will choose to get married. Many brides have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were a little girl with a pillowcase over their head, with their stuffed animals as guests. They have planned out each and every detail with care and have lived their wedding moment by moment for so long now they can’t wait to experience it. Weddings have so much cultural and religious tradition. There are things that brides today do that their grandmothers and great grandmothers did at their weddings. Some brides carry family heirlooms at their weddings. Families look forward to weddings as very special family celebrations for each family member. It is an honor to celebrate a wedding for your family members. Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, but everyone enjoys a wedding so much – so most of the time it is truly worth it. You smile and look back on this special day and know that everyone had a great time.

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