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Massachusetts Weddings

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Hello and welcome to - the place to be if you are planning a wedding in Massachusetts. Take the time to peruse our directory of qualified Massachusetts area wedding vendors to find the one that's right for your special day! Need some advice? Look through our Massachusetts wedding articles for ideas, tips, and more!
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Your wedding is the day you have looked forward to your entire life. Why not have it in a beautiful state like Massachusetts? There are so many wonderful locations to choose from, you are sure to find one which will fulfill your every desire. All of the cities in Massachusetts not only have wonderful venues and views, they have great services to help you plan and hold your wedding.

You can choose from such great Massachusetts cities as Cape Cod for a beach wedding, Boston for a city wedding or Cambridge for a charming historical wedding. The city you choose should match your personality and your style. Luckily the different destination cities in Massachusetts offers different things for different people. Take a look around and choose the city which best meets your needs.

Once you have chosen the city you will have your wedding in, you can choose the people who will help you hold your wedding. There are many different services available for you. You can choose the photographer who will record the memories you will enjoy the rest of your life. There are many different cake decorators which will make you the cake of your dreams. You can also choose the floral designer who will make the bouquet.
From The Blog
Should You Elope or Have a Wedding?

Posted under Wedding Planning

If you have gotten engaged you may be wondering if you should elope or if you should have a wedding. For some couples having a wedding is the ideal choice. For other couples choosing elopement is the best choice for them. Every couple is different and you will need to make the best decision for you as a couple. Many couples will also have to think of family considerations. But it is important to put your choice as a couple as the primary reason you would elope or have a wedding. There are many reasons to think of eloping. One of the benefits is that you save the tremendous expense of having a wedding. Weddings, even small ones, cost in the thousands of dollars range. Most people wind up paying much more than they ever expect to for their wedding. Sometimes people decide to elope because they want to make their wedding about the two of them as a couple and putting them first. They decide that this is truly the most important thing to them. Other couples decide that eloping is very rom ...continue »
Why Are Bridesmaids So Important

Posted under Wedding Day Details

If you are a bride planning a wedding, do you realize just how important your bridesmaids are? Your bridesmaids help you organize and plan your wedding and all of the details to get you to your special day. They typically plan a bridal shower and often an engagement shower. For modern brides they also plan a bachelorette shower. Your bridesmaids can help with errands and negotiations and all sorts of useful wedding details. There are so many things that happen when you plan a wedding. No bride can truly plan it by herself; even the most A-type of bride cannot do this. Every bride needs her bridesmaids to help plan her wedding. Your bridesmaids can help you keep your sense of humor. Weddings are often very emotional and stressful times. The bride has family members coming in from her at all sides, making a list of demands. Your bridesmaids can help provide you with a good laugh and also a reality check. Sometimes these demands may be reasonable and other times these demands may be ina ...continue »
Tips to Creating a Great Wedding Registry

Posted under Wedding Planning

“Where are you registered?” is the question that brides and grooms hear immediately after announcing their wedding plans. Wedding guests always want to know where the bride and groom are registered for gifts so they can get them a wedding gift. Brides and grooms register for wedding gifts to help them start a life together. Traditionally they register for kitchen, bath, linen and other practical (and fun) household items that anyone with a home will need. It is important that brides and grooms do register for gifts. Some may feel a bit shy about coming out and asking for gifts. They may feel that by doing so – they are being rude by telling their guest exactly what to give them. But brides and grooms that register for gifts are actually helping their wedding guests very much in selecting exactly what to get them. Some wedding guests simply would not know what to get them if they were not registered. And everyone attending the wedding certainly wants to get them a gift. By not registe ...continue »
The Importance of Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

Posted under Wedding Planning

Are you planning your wedding? Unless you are one of the super-rich, you have some type of budget that you must keep for your wedding. It is critical that you respect your wedding budget. Many couples are sadly paying for their weddings years after they have held their weddings. It is very unfair to start your married life going tens of thousands of dollars into debt for just one night. You deserve to enjoy your wedding and then go on to enjoy the rest of your married life. Remember as a new married couple you will have other financial goals that will appeal to you like getting your own home or starting a family. So sticking to your wedding budget is important. When creating a budget it is very helpful to know exactly how much things cost. Some people set a budget that turns out to be unrealistic. Or brides and grooms have some idea of how much some costs will be, and no idea how much other costs will be. Try to do some research about every aspect of the wedding to understand what yo ...continue »
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